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Top 5 Styles for Your Next Product Demo Video

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Inspiration For Your Next Product Demo Video

The role of a product demo video in digital marketing is unmistakable. 

These videos are more than just a showcase of your product; they are a vital tool in communicating its value and functionality to your potential customers. 

The style you choose for your product demo video can greatly influence how your audience perceives your product. Selecting the right one from a range of styles, from animated explainers to live-action hybrids, can dramatically boost your product's appeal and help connect with your audience.

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In this blog, we'll explore these styles, highlighting the unique advantages of each. Along the way, we'll throw in some examples from our own portfolio, giving you a glimpse of what can be achieved by choosing to make a professional product demo video.

1. 2D Animated Explainer Videos

When simplicity meets creativity, the result is often a 2D animated explainer video. This style is renowned for its straightforward yet engaging approach to storytelling. 

2D animations offer a clear and concise way to demonstrate your product's features, making complex ideas easily digestible for the audience.

Benefits of 2D Animation for a Product Demo Video
  • Clarity and Focus: The 2D format allows viewers to concentrate on the message without getting distracted by too many details.
  • Cost-Effective Production: Compared to other styles, 2D animation can be more budget-friendly, offering a high-quality look without the need for extensive resources.
  • Versatility in Design: With a wide range of artistic styles available, 2D animation can be tailored to match your brand's tone, whether it's professional, whimsical, or anything in between.
Video example: 2D Animation

One example from our portfolio is the 2D animated product demo video we created for Strive Software. This video showcases the software’s features and functionalities through engaging animations and a clear narrative, demonstrating how even complex concepts can be made accessible and appealing through 2D animation.

Video by Promoshin

2D animated explainer videos are an excellent choice for businesses looking to explain their products in a way that's both informative and visually appealing. They strike the perfect balance between artistic expression and practical communication, making them a versatile tool in your marketing arsenal.

2. 3D Animation

3D animation takes product demo videos into a realm of depth and realism that 2D animation can't quite match. This style adds a lifelike dimension to your product, making it more relatable and tangible to the viewer. 

3D animations are especially effective for products that benefit from a detailed, close-up view, allowing potential customers to almost feel like they're experiencing the product firsthand.

Benefits of 3D Animation for a Product Demo Video
  • Enhanced Realism: 3D animation offers a realistic portrayal of products, giving viewers a detailed look from every angle.
  • Greater Engagement: The depth and detail in 3D animations can captivate viewers, keeping them engaged with the product demonstration.
  • High-Quality Presentation: Products showcased in 3D animation often appear more sophisticated and high-end, enhancing perceived value.
Video Example: 3D Animation

An excellent example from our work is the 3D animated demo for Snorkels Inc. This video highlighted the product's features in a visually vibrant manner and conveyed its practical applications in a real-world setting. 

The 3D model allowed us to rotate and dissect the product, providing an in-depth understanding that would be impossible in other formats.

Video by Promoshin

3D animation is ideal for those looking to make a strong, visually impactful statement with their product demo. It's particularly effective for showcasing technical products, complex machinery, or any item that benefits from a detailed, three-dimensional representation.

3. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a distinctive and engaging style characterized by its simplicity and educational appeal. 

This style mimics the look of hand-drawn illustrations being created on a whiteboard in real time, providing a clear and straightforward approach to explaining product features and benefits.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation for a Product Demo Video
  • Simplicity and Clarity: The minimalist nature of whiteboard animation helps in focusing the viewer's attention on the content, reducing distractions.
  • Educational Appeal: This style is excellent for breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-understand visuals, making it ideal for educational or instructional product demos.
  • Versatile Storytelling: Whiteboard animations can tell a story from start to finish cohesively and engagingly, making them perfect for products that require a bit of narrative to fully explain their value.
Video Example: Whiteboard Animation

Our team crafted an effective whiteboard animation for Advanced Orthomolecular Research’s Red Yeast Rice product. 

Video by Promoshin

The whiteboard product demo video demonstrated how the product solves a common problem faced by its users. The visual storytelling guided viewers through what could have been confusing medical jargon, making the product’s benefits easy to understand.

Whiteboard animation is a powerful tool for brands that want to educate their audience about their products in a visually appealing and straightforward manner. It's particularly effective for products with a story to tell or those that solve specific problems in innovative or complex ways.

4. Live-action with Animated Overlays

Combining live-action footage with animated overlays creates a dynamic and engaging style for a product demo video. 

This hybrid approach leverages the realism of live-action video with the creative flexibility of animation, allowing for a unique presentation of your product's features and benefits.

Benefits of Live-Action with Animated Overlays
  • Best of Both Worlds: This style merges the authenticity of real-world footage with the imaginative potential of animation.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: Animated elements can highlight specific features or data points in the live footage, making the product's benefits more clear and compelling.
  • Increased Engagement: The combination of live-action and animation can capture and maintain viewer attention more effectively than either style alone.
Video Example: Live-action with Animated Overlays

A notable project in our collection is the live-action demo video with animated overlays we created for String Sling. 

This video used real-world scenarios to showcase the product, while animated graphics highlighted key features and statistics, enhancing the overall understanding and appeal.

Video by Promoshin

This hybrid style is particularly suitable for products that require a real-world context to be fully appreciated, such as physical gadgets or items used in daily life. It's also a great choice for brands aiming to create a modern, sophisticated look for their product demos.

5. Motion Infographic Style

Motion infographic is a style that combines the informative nature of traditional infographics with dynamic motion graphics. 

This approach is particularly effective for product demos that involve data visualization, process explanation, or highlighting specific features in a detailed yet concise manner.

Benefits of Motion Infographic Style for a Product Demo Video
  • Clear Information Presentation: Ideal for conveying complex data or processes in a visually digestible format.
  • Enhanced Viewer Engagement: The use of motion keeps the audience engaged, making it easier to absorb and retain information.
  • Versatility in Communication: This style can adapt to various types of content, from technical specifications to user benefits, making it a versatile tool for different product types.
Video Example: Motion Infographics

A good example in our portfolio is the motion infographic product demo video we developed for QuerKey. 

This video communicated intricate features and statistics of the product, transforming potentially dry data into an engaging, easy-to-understand visual narrative.

Video by Promoshin

Motion infographics are an excellent choice for products that rely on data to showcase their effectiveness or for those with processes that need to be explained in a straightforward yet engaging way. 

This style is perfect for tech products, educational tools, or any product where understanding the details is key to appreciating its value.

Create The Ultimate Product Demo Video, Easily

The style of your product demo video plays a pivotal role in how your audience perceives and interacts with your product

Whether you're selling a million-dollar software program or the newest trend in retro tape machines, each style offers distinct advantages.

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Choosing the right one can dramatically enhance your product's appeal and effectively convey its value to potential customers. 

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