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Your work is complicated – there are a million little things that make your business great.

And no one knows the ins and outs of your business like you do.

But that’s a problem.

Because in today’s bite-sized, quick-draw, on-to-the-next-thing world, you only get a minute or two, if you’re lucky, to explain your business to new contacts.

So let’s put your pitch deck in the pressure chamber, and see if we can come up with some ways to explain your business faster, better, and more effectively.

First, you have to step outside your bubble.

You can’t assume your audience knows anything about your industry.

And chances are, there are words and phrases you use every day that strangers would think are another language.

So stay away from industry slang, if you can help it, and always define your abbreviations.

Next, trim the fat. You might think it’s impossible to describe the business you’ve spent years developing in one or two minutes, but it’s easier than it sounds.

Even huge corporations can describe their truly unique and meaningful core concepts in a short time.

A nice way to find the most meaningful description is to describe your business to a friend or family member, rather than investor or prospect. You’ll usually tell them what matters most first.

Finally, take shortcuts. Your audience might not know the specifics of your industry, but they’re familiar with the concepts of a lot of existing businesses.

You can use these concepts as puzzle pieces for your pitch. For example, dog-walking app Wag can be described as ‘Uber for Dog Walking.’

Explaining your business effectively won’t just make talking to relatives easier, it will help your company grow.

And no one is better at explaining than, the leader in explainer video production.

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