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“Hello, my name is Kyle Strong. I’m a Co-Founder of which is a mobile and web-based application for perks and rewards for groups and affiliations, and I chose Promoshin after being impressed thoroughly by their thoroughness and by the different arms of the company. From the initial call back I was impressed, to the communication of the owner of the company, to the Project Manager, and just the professionalism that was displayed to my Co-Founder and I was very impressive.

Prices that we considered from other companies were way out of our price range, but the combination of the pricing, as well as the professionalism with dealing with Promoshin was ideal. My expectations with Promoshin was to have a professional explainer video in a short amount of time for completion which was going to just require a good understanding of our complex kind of web idea, and they really did nail it.

My fear was that Promoshin wasn’t going to understand our vision and that the script would take very long to write, more than the time that we anticipated but that was not the case. I found that the Video Development Team was able to really nail our vision and come up with an explanation video that fit perfectly with our website.

The communication, the pricing, the professionalism, the timeliness of the video completion – all those things were key in this whole process. My experience, I would definitely tell any type of startup company or established company that’s looking for a video for their company to use Promoshin because my experience was very painless, and my Co-Founder and I are extremely pleased.

Anything that I would give as far as a recommendation when looking for an explainer video, I would say to the company owners to put in your requests. That’s what we did. We did several sites. We put our requests in, and then we wrote down our top concerns and then when they called back, we narrowed it down to who impressed us by answering those questions in a timely manner and just their overall professionalism and again, we chose Promoshin for those reasons.

Again, I’m Kyle Strong, Co-Founder of Kehoots, and I recommend that you use Promoshin for your next explainer video.”

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