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Hey, this is Mike Hambright with We are a real estate investing site, kind of a social platform. Due to the nature of some of the memberships and access to our site, we needed some explainer videos to explain in a way that was kind of simple how to use our site based on what member type you are, if you will.

We searched for a lot of different options. There are a quite few vendors out there and varying levels of complexity and we found that initially, we were pleased with the samples that Promoshin had in terms of what we could do.

We really liked the concept of animation to kind of explain what is that we do and how that relates back to that member type. What we didn’t know at that time is how easy it would be to work with them.

We actually created four different explainer videos to explain four different membership types that we have. There was quite a bit back and forth. It probably took us about six to eight weeks to complete it. Some of that delay was definitely due to us not being able to get back to them right away.

They were definitely much more responsive than what we expected. It was a smooth process. We never had any pushback on anything. Essentially anything that we asked for that was inside the scope of our project was met. It’s a great resource.

I highly recommend using them. In fact I’m sure that we will be using them again in the future and so I recommend you check them out. Good luck.

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