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“Hi there, this is Piers in Sydney Australia. I just wanted to do a quick video about our experience with Promoshin making our first very first explainer video. We chose Promoshin of other options out there because quite simply they had the most relevant and the most number of explainer video examples on their website.

We really wanna see the capability of their work and what else they had out there and whether they covered all markets around the world. Obviously down Australia we want to just appeal to Australian audience. When we found when we were looking around at different companies out there that can provide our video first , we found a very wide range of pricing from the very cheap to the very expensive and we found a lot of people couldn’t provide a large number of example videos that could show what it would look like for our marketplace.

Our expectations were that it was gonna be a difficult process we never done it before. We’re not in the business of making videos and didn’t know what to expect so we thought this is gonna be interesting but probably difficult.

Our fears were that we might end up with a video that didn’t really appeal to our marketplace, may have poor animation and that the prices would be long winded, take a long time and requires you to have knowledge. What we found when we were working with them was actually the opposite, it was a pretty transparent process, well a very transparent process to the process every step of the way.

They break it down into a three step process and make sure they’ve finish before they start to the next part and that we had a project manager from start to finish that held our hand throughout the process. The features of benefits we liked the most about working with Promoshin were the unlimited revisions. We were never gonna get it right first time and being able to go back and just make some tweaks and changes here and there. I think probably we got a record number, 30-40 different changes. Gotta appeal to us first time makers of videos never gonna get it right that really really appeal to us.

Would we recommend Promoshin? Yes, we would. We recommend it certainly to anyone making a first and you know we can’t see there’d be a better way of making a video, this was made to a simple process where our hand was held throughout the process and it is done quickly, efficiently and whoever get the video start to using it right away.

What we recommend to people that looking for a video, look for a company out there doesn’t have to be the cheapest, doesn’t have to be the most expensive, look around with the most experience and with the experience of making a video that will fit your market is really no good from our point of view having an Australian or a video for an Australian marketplace with an American accent. We really need somebody that has the voice down here that can appeal to our market and that will help us through the process from start to finish.

That’s about it, we’ve been very happy with the whole process and we look forward to making more videos with Promoshin in the future. Cheerio.”

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