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“Hey this is Scott of LeadNozzle. Just wanted to give a quick video on my experience with Promoshin.

You know, when deciding to put together an explainer video it’s critical for our business to understand that we’re going to work with the partner that was going to A – deliver what we’re looking for, B – the product be crisp clean and to the point so that our customers and clients can be readily informed in a short period of time.

Went through the process of seeking through several different companies that could do the same type of work and upon significant research we came to feel that Promoshin was the right vendor of choice for us. Our experience was extremely smooth from the design, even prior to design, the brainstorming, the design, the implementation and then to the end product. It was just a smooth experience across the board.

There’s a lot of challenges that I think you find when you’re in the market for an explainer video. This was certainly not one of those that was a rush situation.

We had plenty of opportunities to give feedback and correct as needed. The expectations were met, price was right in line with what we wanted it to be and the end product was exactly what we are looking for.

So if you are in a market for explainer video I highly recommend Promoshin. They do a great job and definitely check them out so that you can get the same type of high-quality explainer video that we did. Thanks a lot.”

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