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Did you know that videos have a specific role in every stage of the marketing funnel? Keep reading to know what they are.

The Role of Video in Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Awareness: Show people who you are

  • Introduce your brand through explainer videos that appear in targeted search and social media ads
  • Create videos made for social media or SEO-driven videos (ones that answer or explain a commonly searched for question or problem) to help you become more visible to potential customers


Consideration: Help solve a problem

  • Provide solutions to problems via deep-dive content and how-to videos
  • Send a personalized video voicemail to leads or set up webinars to educate people on topics you have expertise in


Conversion: Convince people of your potential

  • Turn leads into customers via the home page, testimonials, and product videos
  • Persuade your audience with a video featuring someone who can explain how your product solved their problem or helped their business grow


Retention: Help customers succeed

  • Communicate how your product continues to provide value through user education and feature announcement videos
  • Demonstrate how you practice your values with a company-culture video


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