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Hello, I’m William Tu, I’m the International Sales Manager at KD Panels in Taiwan.  So today, I’m gonna be explaining a little bit more on why I chose Promoshin and also talk a little bit more on my experience working with Promoshin. 

It all started when we needed to make an explainer video for a new product we launched. The first step, of course, was going online and looking for different options. We had a few professional companies that did animated videos and also we had Fiverr as an option. As you probably know, Fiverr is an online platform where freelancers can post service, and of course, they are meant to be cost-effective. Having no experience at all, we decided to go with the cheaper option which was Fiverr, and once we hired our freelancer, that’s when things started to go wrong. Basically, working with our freelancer, communication as hard, the quality was poor, and in the end, we spent some money on something that we couldn’t even use.

That brought us back to the internet and searching for professional options. That’s when Promoshin came in and having contact with a few companies, Promoshin was actually the only company that can give me an instant quote followed by a web conference. Receiving a quote, of course, you have a lot of questions and these were answered in our web conference. During our web conference, Ben was really helpful, he provided some professional advice and also shared some experience working with other clients. This was very helpful for us and that’s when we decided to use Promoshin as our video producer or animation producer. That’s the first step. 

How is working with Promoshin? I think, with Promoshin, it’s three words: expertise, user friendly, and good service. Basically, they could share some examples on what their previous clients did for our reference and also it was very user friendly because they gave clear instructions on how to make corrections or make modifications and of course their service, me being in Asia and them being in North America, there is a time difference but basically communication was very thorough and they were very understanding. I think Promoshin has the best value in the market right now. Will recommend Promoshin? Yes, definitely and I already forwarded their information to my clients and other suppliers and we are also planning on doing a second video for the future. 

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a supplier that can give you good quality, good service, and basically you are looking for the best value, I think Promoshin is the way to go. Thank you. 

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