Youtube vs. Vimeo: Where should you host your video? | Promoshin Blog

Struggling to figure out where to host your video online? Here are our thoughts on the two most popular choices.

Youtube vs Vimeo - where you should host your video

Hosting on Youtube

  • Known for being the most used website for video sharing
  • Has over 2 billion user visits each month
  • Can be used with zero cost
  • Widely known as an ad-heavy platform
  • Most content gets compressed due to space and data purposes

Hosting on Youtube

Hosting on Vimeo

  • Known for being a tool for professionals
  • Has around 170 million active users
  • Offers 4 subscription options
  • Allows users to customize the recommended videos
  • Commended for allowing users to upload high-quality video

Hosting on Vimeo

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