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The Best Practices for Your Explainer Video Script

Here are the best practices for your explainer video script.

Keep it short
Capture the viewer’s attention in the first 10 seconds
Speak in the second-person point of view
Use simple language
Choose a suitable tone for your video
Add a touch of humor
Tell a story

The 8 Fundamental Stages of Animation

Here are the 8 fundamental stages of animation.


1. Gathering Information
2. Concept and Script


3. Voice Recording
4. Storyboard


5. Visual Style
6. Animation


7. Music
8. Sound Effects


The Structure of Explainer Videos

Creating your explainer video?

Here’s the structure of how your explainer video should be.


The Problem


The Solution


How the Product/Service Works


The Benefits 


Call to Action

Fact About Video Recorders

Did you know that in 1956, video recorders were sold for $50, 000 and videotapes cost $300 per one-hour reel?

Questions You Must Answer in Your Product Video

Here are the questions you must answer in your product video.

What problem does your product address?

What are the common objections to your product?

What is the cost of your product or services?

What are the features and benefits of your product?

What makes your product different from your competitors?

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