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10 Qualities of a Great Explainer Video

Here are the 10 qualities of a great explainer video.

1. Good script
2. Straight to the point
3. Extensive audience knowledge
4. Well-communicated brand value
5. Visually appealing



6. Light and entertaining
7. Appropriate music
8. Clear voiceover and font
9. Persuasive CTA
10. Shareable information



History of Explainer Videos

Here’s the history of explainer videos:


1990 – Powerpoint presentations were greatly used by marketers to explain different types of topics.


2004 – Through the help of the internet, text, images, and sound are now added to PowerPoint presentations to explain an idea.


2008 – “How-It-Works” videos started to trend online, the first explainer video was made to explain how Twitter works.


2009 – The term “Explainer Video” was coined.


2011 – The first-ever animated video was made and the rest is history!

Reasons to Add Videos On a Website

Did you know? Videos on a website attract as much as 2 to 3 times more monthly visitors and add a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

5 Topics Every Explainer Video Must Cover

Here are the 5 topics every explainer video must cover:

1. Target audience and target users
2. Description of your product
3. Pain points your product resolves
4. Customer’s goals in using your product
5. Sales call-to-action

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